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Tips for Finishing Your MBA Research Project in Kenya



The MBA research project in Kenya has been a hot topic especially with many professionals looking to upgrade their skills. Everyone wants to have the title MBA Finance,MBA Strategic Management,MBA Marketing etc. The award is quite valued that many firms in Kenya and East Africa now require their existing staff and even new ones to have completed and GRADUATED with an MBA Degree.

Getting a Topic for MBA Research Project in Kenya

In order to plan and complete your MBA research project in time,one needs to start early. Getting a topic is the first huddle. Remember you must have cleared all the other units for you to get clearance to embark on your MBA research proposal before proceeding to the research project upon successful defense. Get a topic from an area you are familiar with. Think about the data you need and how you will analyze and interpret it. How do you present the findings and how do you convince the examiners?

Developing the MBA Research Project in Kenya

After securing a suitable topic and agreeing with your assigned supervisor,have a sitting where you exchange ideas on the choice of topic. Its never too late to change if you anticipate difficulties. Agree on the timeline and deliverable i.e. do you break the proposal into chapters or do you come up with the 3 chapters all together? I have met students who went ahead to come up with a complete proposal only for the supervisor to reject it in totality. Take time to understand your topic well. Ensure that your supervisor gives it his blessings. Remember he/she is very knowledgeable in that area of MBA research project and has much of the information on his fingertips. You do not play any tricks on him as he has the upper hand.

Defending the MBA Research Project

This is the single most crucial stage in the MBA accreditation. This is the moment where you have to convince the panel of supervisors that you truly understand not only your topic but the entire research process. It starts with you introducing your topic,then the problem statement,your objectives,a brief of the literature review and the research methodology. This information is a confirmation that you are truly an MBA holder. For many,they dread the panel having heard of miserable moments from other students. It doesn’t have to be that way if you are prepare both orally and intellectually. Do wide studies on your topic. Presentation skills are very crucial in MBA Research Project right from the topic to the proposal to the defense. We will look at the various stages of the MBA Research Project journey to give you tips on how to complete yours in good time for graduation.

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