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OFC Business Club Kenya Seminar 22.11.2014

OFC Business Club Kenya Seminar 22.11.2014

OFC Business Club Kenya Seminar 22.11.2014

The launch of OFC Business Club Kenya on 16’th Nov 2014 was such a great success. I was left praising and worshiping Jehova God the whole night. The idea mooted by my spiritual father Rev Ben Muiruri was received and accepted far and wide. Our mission is to support business men and women in the community to not only venture into business but excel at it. The turn out was very good,both young and old,even university students. Mr. Evans Njihia gave a candid introduction into entrepreneurship,,,this is what every Kenyan needs to survive.

Training Activities for OFC Business Club Kenya Members

Starting 22’nd Nov 2014 and every week thereafter, we will be holding seminar trainings. Our trainings are practical based. Delivering strategies that will grow sales because if you have no sales,your business will not survive. The training will start by helping all members present to start the journey by opening their websites and social media platforms,then building content that will attract much needed customers.

Websites for OFC Business Club Kenya Members

The members will be helped to open a website. The main objective of a website is such that customers can find you on a search engine such as Google. If you were to look for MBA Research Project in Kenya,you will most likely find this writer on the first or second page of Google search. That is where your bizna ought to be for it to rank and get you customers who will buy. To this end,we will do some keyword research to come up with domain names for the websites.

The websites need serious search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns in order to attract visitors. Visitors are the lifeline of websites. Make sure you have interactive content so that when customers land, they want to stay , buy and even refer their networks ie family, friends and colleagues at work or university,school etc.

Social Media Platforms for OFC Business Club Kenya Members

Once your website is up and running,we will next set up social media strategies mainly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + and other popular networking sites. This are the leading social media networks that have proven to help small businesses attract customers through content,photos and adverts.The social media platforms will be linked to the websites so that they lock your customers and make sure they visit again and again.

Once all members have a website and social media platforms,we will start to create content in order to attract customers. For the websites, we will create content based on keywords for each business line. That way,the websites will bring customers even when you are offline or asleep. Content is Key for attracting clients to your website. We will roll out affordable adverts schemes so that customers know who we are.

The social media platforms also need content. This will be mainly posts and engaging friends to like,share,comment etc on your social media accounts. This way,they make their networks know about you and your products and eventually a sale is made.

For this and more,welcome tomorrow at 2.00pm Call/Text 0722 281679. Remember that the FREE entry window has been pushed to 31st Nov 2014. Thereafter,new members will be required to pay Kshs 2500/= entry fee to benefit from free trainings,offers and opportunities. The OFC Business Club Kenya is the place to be to succeed in business at very affordable costs and in a Godly environment.

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