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Benefits of Digital Entrepreneurship in Kenya



The Digital Entrepreneurship in Kenya Program equips participants with very valuable and rare skills for the Market Place. Every entrepreneur would like to maximize profits and minimize costs.  But how do they do that in the current world order? There are simple solutions that we offer in this program.

Joining The Digital Entrepreneurship in Kenya

The process of enrolling in the Digital Entrepreneurship in Kenya starts by making an online application and attaching your credentials. These include the nature or your business products and services,your current output,sources of the products,any value addition and the cost structure. The program mainly works on strategy formulation and implementation.

With this,we walk you through a personal branding process. You customers prefer your products and services because of YOU. Thereafter, we embark on a 90Day journey to research and come up with a solid marketing strategy that guarantees growth in sales and profits.

Components of Digital Entrepreneurship in Kenya

The Digital Entrepreneurship in Kenya Program includes the following 7 components that are key to success in your business;

a) Personal Branding –

b) Drafting the Business Plan

b) Designing an Online Platform – Website,Social Media and Email Marketing

d) Networking & Referrals

e) Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR

f) Training

g) Reporting

Training Program for Digital Entrepreneurship in Kenya

We have a detailed training program to equip for the market place at the Digital Entrepreneurship in Kenya. This are conducted every Saturday from 2-5pm. These are practical training programs where everything listed above  is achieved within the semester that runs for three months. For Kshs 50,000/=, the participant gets a domain listed,hosting done, website designed, social media set up, personal branding taught and done,networking skills are imparted, referral program rolled out and participants shown the benefits of CSR. This becomes your only capital with this program.

This program ensures that your business ranks well on Search Engines through our SEO strategy. We also take you through easy steps to stay top of the market through Google search dominance. If you cannot be found on Google,probably you may not even exist. There is also social media optimization to tap into the growing number of network users on Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn,Google + and others.

If need be, feel free to Call Dan, the Chief Trainer on 0722 281679 for more details on Digital Entrepreneurship in Kenya. Visit for more insights.

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