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How to do you iTax KRA Returns 2014

KRA iTax 2014 Returns

KRA iTax 2014 Returns

Going about your iTax KRA Returns 2014 is a very easy exercise. Under sec. 52B of the income Tax Act (Not withstanding any other provisions of the Income Tax Act), every individual chargeable to tax under this Act shall for any year of income, furnish to the commissioner a return of income, including a self assessment of his tax from all sources of income, not later than 30’th June. If you do not submit the Return by this date you will be liable to a penalty at the rate of 5% of the net tax due for every period of 12 months or part thereof, minimum penalty being Ksh1, 000.

Requirements to complete your iTax KRA Returns 2014

You will need the following documentation where applicable;
1) Form P9A from Employer.
2) The employer’s PIN. Request PIN from your employer if not already on the P9A.
3) Financial statements for the following incomes; business income, farming income, rent
4) Mortgage Interest Certificate and PIN of lender
5) Insurance Premium Certificate and PIN of underwriter
6) Withholding tax certificates (W44)
7) Any other documentation relating to income you received or deductions you want to claim

How to fill iTax KRA Returns 2014 online

To fill in your return online, visit https://itax.kra.go.ke and follow the following steps:
a) Select the Tab “Tax Return”
b) Click the link “Fill in Tax Return”
c) Select the return type e.g. Income Tax individual
d) Select the year
e) Click the button “Fill Tax Return”
f) Enter your ID number, your employer’s PIN.
Please note that if you are declaring the wife’s income, type (YES) in the appropriate field and provide her PIN. If declaring separately type (NO)
If you hit a snag we can help;
Call/Text/WhatsApp 0722 281679

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