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Today i am here to solicit ideas on launching a Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Kenya. From my interactions with business owners and managers, i have learnt that many businesses are affected by poor cash management. Some even shut down due to being unable to manage their cash obligations otherwise called working capital. Even in my interactions with customers and suppliers in a career spanning over 20 years, i realized that SMEs specifically need to re-think the value they attach to setting up and supporting an accounting function or department within their businesses.

Tips for Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Kenya

Problems emanate right from how you cost your products and services. An accountant will fit very well in getting the costs right and thereby setting proper prices that help recoup all overheads. My experiences have shown that every business however small needs a qualified and registered accountant to Maintain their books of accounts. One would argue that a CPA(K) like me is quite expensive to hire on a full time basis. The good news is that your business can still enjoy the benefits of proper books of accounts plus many other value added services at Kshs 30,000/= (negotiable) per month payable in advance. This way,i will update your books on a weekly basis and i will go thorough them on a monthly basis at your premises. I will thereafter give a report on areas of weakness in the internal control mechanism,cash management,stock management etc.

Procedure for Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Kenya

I will proceed to assist in ensuring that all cash and credit sales are collected on time by maintaining proper records of cash sales, invoices and delivery details. I will also assist in collecting any outstanding debts at no extra costs. Other value added services are tax returns, internal audit, staff appraisals etc

Other Value Added Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Kenya

I will conduct trainings for your staff once a month on the following areas in Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Kenya;

  1. Basis of the accounting system
  2. Major accounting terms, principles and concepts
  3. Financial statements
  4. Analysis financial statements
  5. Costs, volume and prices Analysis
  6. Management of working capital
  7. Capital budgeting
  8. Business Planning and budgeting
  9. Interpretation of accounts, profit and loss statements and balance sheets
  10. Financial ratios
  11. International Accounting Standards/IFRS and their application rules
  12. Management accounting
  13. Control of working capital i.e stock, creditors, debtors and cash
  14. Management of Debtors and Creditors – Reconciliation Skills
  15. Understanding the need to financially appraise capital expenditure projects
  16. Company taxation and strategies
  17. Ms Excel for Financial & Management Reporting
  18. QuickBooks for proper accounting records

Please call/text/whatsapp on 0722 281679 for a detailed discussion and to get the proposal and contract.

Daniel K. Muguko



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