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Benefits of iTax Kenya

Benefits of  iTax Kenya

Benefits of iTax Kenya

There are many Benefits of iTax Kenya. These include.

Access to the taxpayer ledger. This includes access by employees on their PAYE deductions. This enables you interact with the iTax Kenya system 24/7.

Real time update of the taxpayers ledger upon filing of returns and making payment. You get an instant confirmation through your email.

Accessing Benefits of iTax Kenya

For you to access Benefits of iTax Kenya you can access at the comfort of your office or home. The site is even mobile friendly.

Numerous payment channels – more Banks are being recruited to make payment of Domestic Taxes more convenient.

Simpler domestic tax return filing . the returns are based on the excel format.

Other Benefits of iTax Kenya

The other benefits of iTax Kenya is that its time saving. This is because of reduced queuing at the banking hall and swift application and processing of tax related services e.g Tax Compliance Certificates, Refunds, Amendments, waivers, tax exemptions etc.

Reduction of Refunds backlog by allowing taxpayers to utilize approved refunds to offset other tax liabilities.

Communication via e-mail and SMS notifications upon completion of transactions.

Electronic generation of certificates, i.e. PIN, Withholding Tax certificates, Exemption Certificates etc.

iTax Kenya returns are excel based and therefore is easy to use. Excel also accommodates several hundred thousand columns and rows of data.

Inconvenience caused to taxpayers through Request for records by KRA officers will be greatly reduced.

For more on Benefits of iTax Kenya, Visit for more details or Call/Text/WhatsApp 0722 281679

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