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African Centre for Digital Entrepreneurship Nairobi Kenya


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African Centre for Digital Entrepreneurship Nairobi Kenya offers training in Finance & Accounting for Non-Finance Managers, Digital Entrepreneurship and Social Media Marketing. This is through seminars. The seminar programs will have a range of topics in these areas. Special emphasis to successfully and continually provide start-ups with the necessary means to develop and grow their ideas into thriving businesses.

The long term goal is to invest directly in this ventures and further incubating start-ups. We also provide internship placements with our hosted businesses and thereby contribute to economic development within the continent.


How to Start a Business in Kenya Courtesy of African Centre for Digital Entrepreneurship Nairobi Kenya

You must understand the dynamics of business success before you even start looking for capital or resources for your business. Perhaps you are looking for capital of Kshs 1 Million to start a business that pays you Kshs 50k per month (such as buying a car for hire) while a business with a capital of Kshs 25k or less would pay you Kshs 50k per month!

Basically there are four major ways that define your entry into the market in Kenya. Remember that any business venture is about buying and selling ie exchange of Goods and Services. In the next four weeks, I will share four key strategies/pillars on how you should start a successful profitable business in Kenya;

Strategy/Pillar I – Through a Divine Idea; Making God your business advisor
Even though you were not successful at some project or business is not an indication that the Lord was not with you. That you did not find the road easy and smooth is not to be misconstrued as the absence of the blessings of God on your work. You may well carry the promise and the blessing of God like Isaac and yet found out that the people you work with or for do not like to see your face. You could do your best to get great results yet find around you people who are only interested in scuttling your efforts. You may have even been successful at your business because you followed what you believed was God’s direction for your life yet find every success seemingly give way to failures without you moving away from what you heard from God and how you approached the business at the beginning. I know any of these situations is enough to get you worried. I know that any combination of these could make most people give up. But you are not ‘most people’. You are special to God. And you have no reasons to be worried. In Genesis 26:1-4 (NIV) we read:

Now there was a famine in the land — besides the earlier famine of Abraham’s time — and Isaac went to Abimelech king of the Philistines in Gerar. 2 The Lord appeared to Isaac and said, “Do not go down to Egypt; live in the land where I tell you to live. 3 Stay in this land for a while, and I will be with you and will bless you. For to you and your descendants I will give all these lands and will confirm the oath I swore to your father Abraham.

Isaac migrated to a place and tried to set up his business. But there was famine in the land and, being a farmer and a cattle-rearer, there was no way he could rationally stay back in the land. There was shortage of essential raw materials for his trade. He decided to migrate to Egypt, which apparently was not suffering from the disadvantage that the land of Philistine- where he was- was suffering from. That decision made a lot of sense yet God told him to not to go to Egypt. Unlike man, God has the ability to see into the future and see the end from the very beginning. God promised him greatness if he remained in the land where he was and Isaac had to decide whether to go with the obvious better opportunity that Egypt offered or stay back in the land on nothing but God’s promises.

But, against better economic and financial advice, Isaac decided to make God his business advisor and went with God’s advice. He stayed back in the land of the Philistine and that very season, he harvested a hundred times more crops than he planted. Although he dug two wells; Esek and Sitnah and his herdsmen were chased from them, he dug a third one and named it Rehoboth (meaning “At last the LORD has made room for us, and we will be fruitful in the land”). Remember, there was famine in the land! But What a profit!! His return on investment went off the chart because he elected to pay attention to the direction God wanted to lead him. Contrary to what a lot of people think (or at least, contrary to how they act), God is interested in everything that concerns His people and He wants them to succeed at everything they do.
Genesis 26:12-15 (NLT) records the massive gains Isaac made when he took the advice of his business advisor- God:

12 When Isaac planted his crops that year, he harvested a hundred times more grain than he planted, for the Lord blessed him. 13 He became a very rich man, and his wealth continued to grow. 14 He acquired so many flocks of sheep and goats, herds of cattle, and servants that the Philistines became jealous of him.

No matter what line of business you are or what sector of the economy you are, pray to God and find out the best way to go about your business. You will then be setting yourself up for the kind of shock Isaac got- off the chart ROI. Scholars have pointed to the fact that Isaac was able to irrigate the land and that’s how he had a bumper harvest!

Next week we look at the second way your entry to the market should take; Hallelujah!

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