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Prime Land, Plots Properties Nairobi City

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To understand Prime Land, Plots Properties Nairobi City lets look at Nairobi. Being Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, (a prime area) is one of the largest cities in Africa and a major financial and political centre for the continent. Nairobi is also popularly known as the “Green City in the Sun”, getting the nickname from the many open green spaces found scattered throughout the metropolitan area. Sitting on the banks of the Nairobi River, almost 6,000 feet above sea level, the city was founded in 1899, originally as a rail depot linking Mombasa to Uganda. During Kenya’s colonial period, Nairobi grew into the capital of British East Africa, and became a centre for many of the colony’s prime industries, including sisal, tea and coffee.

Multinational companies and international organizations, including the United Nations Environment Program, the UN Office, Google, Coca Cola and General Electric have their African headquarters in the city. The Nairobi Stock Exchange is one of largest in Africa, bringing in 10 million trades a day.

All of these contribute to Nairobi’s being a hub for business, culture, international relations and social action. It is also an international media centre for networks such as the BBC, Reuters, the Associated Press, CNN and Agence France-Presse. Nairobi has two major English-language newspapers, the Daily Nation and The Standard, the most widely circulated papers in the East African region.

There is still a British presence in Nairobi’s society and culture. Many of the city’s districts have British-sounding names, such as Parklands and Hurlingham. When Nairobi was under British rule, many immigrants from other British colonies, especially Pakistan and India, settled here. There are also numerous established communities from Sudan, Gujarat and Somalia. Seeing all the temples, mosques and churches in the city is a testament to this great diversity in its population.

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