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5 Things You Must Learn to Succeed at in Kenya

Succeed as a in Kenya

Succeed as a in Kenya

If you just joined, here are some of the things you need to learn in order to Succeed at in Kenya.

Learn on the job to Succeed at in Kenya

Every time you secure a job, make sure you pick up valuable skills and techniques that will be very useful as you move forward in your career. This guarantees you to Succeed at in Kenya. But equally, you will also pick up bad habits. As a freelancer, except for the occasional kind editor, there’s no one to teach you, to tell you what will help you succeed and what writing techniques will take the power out of your writing.

Charge an hourly rate and a flat rate to Succeed at in Kenya

My believe is that you should fix your hourly rate or fixed rate as per the job at hand. The hourly rate may often works against you but you gain more experience and expertise. The flat rate enables you to have a constant weekly income.

Understand that freelancing income is unstable and unreliable to Succeed at in Kenya

Speaking of money, does the notion of freelancing make you think of survival, of living paycheck to paycheck, of a variable income that you can’t rely on? While this is true to a certain extent, it’s largely only limited to three kinds of freelancers namely; New writers, Writers who haven’t yet figured out the market and Writers who work exclusively with newspapers and magazines
Successful in-demand writers who diversify don’t often have to worry about fluctuating incomes because at some point they’ve learned that the #1 secret to being successful in freelancing is regular clients and regular income.

You need to network face-to-face to Succeed at in Kenya

This is advice you’ll read on Gen X and Baby Boomer blogs, but no millennial in their right mind will tell you that the only way to get work is through face-to-face networking. Network with people, over Skype and e-mail like most people in our generation.

You require no Investment to Succeed at in Kenya

Sure, as far as businesses go, becoming a freelance writer is a great way to bootstrap, but at some point, if you want to be truly successful, you need to start reinvesting your earnings in your business. You need high-speed internet, a website that rocks, courses that teach you new skills and strategies, and yes, you need to invest in trying to network with people, both online and offline, by joining both free and paid communities.
Most people think freelancers have no expenses, but in fact, freelancers need to think more like businesses in order to experience true success. Hiring a virtual assistant, for instance, will allow you more time to focus on your writing work instead of administrative tasks and having a professionally-designed website will allow you to attract better-paying clients.
Freelancing often does pay off. But the investment comes first. It’s a fantastic way to make a living and I absolutely love it. But there are still certain outdated notions perpetuated in our industry that hold writers back. Ignore them! If you need guidance on Succeed at in Kenya and making a living working part time or at home, visit then talk to me for a one-on-one demo at Blessed House Business Centre, Opposite Garden City Mall, next to Astral Petrol Station, along Thika Superhighway.

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