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Tips to Writing an Award Winning Business Plan in Kenya

Writing a Business Plan in Kenya

Writing a Business Plan in Kenya

For the young Kenyan entrepreneur, a business plan in Kenya is turning out to be a very important tool in various ways. First, jobs are nowhere to be found and this means that all young people leaving school,colleges and universities have to look for a way to make ends meet through business. Majority of them turn to business even though they have no or little knowledge and/or experience. Business can be very complex but with a business plan done by our consultants,we guarantee that you will start making profits within the first 3-6 months.

The business plan is a great tool that aids the young investor to organize his/her ideas in the following phases; raise the required funds,market the products and services,manage the human resources and finally monitor finances. All this steps help in making the business idea profitable and successful.

Raising Funds Through the Business Plan in Kenya

The business plan is a very powerful  tool in fund raising. Its the business plan that communicates the magnitude of the funds the investor needs to start the business,manage it and ensure it breaks even in the shortest time possible. The business strategy in the business plan is what excites the funds provider. They must be able to see the money you will make for yourself and to be able to pay the funds back. This is one area where especially the young investors need to appreciate. Anybody lending you funds needs them back at the shortest time possible.

Using the Business Plan in Kenya to Market Products and Services

Marketing your products and services is the next key headache for any investor. While you are enthusiastic about the business,there needs to be in place a solid sales and marketing strategy to make sure that set weekly sales targets are met without fail. The business plan needs a section dedicated for the marketing strategy. The business plan writer must be vast with best marketing strategies for all levels of business ie the corporates, SMEs, individuals, chamas,self help groups,Sacco’s,churches.schools,etc

The Business Plan in Kenya as a Tool to Manage Your Investment

Once funds are sourced,the businessman or woman must set the ball rolling,literary. They must implement everything as per plan. The human resource plan must be as per the business plan so that roles are not duplicated or resources wasted. The procedure is to engage part time and outsourced service providers then hire contract and/or pensionable staff once cash flows stabilize. This must be done within the confines of all the Kenyan law.

Finally the business plan must have a detailed analysis of the financial plan. This should include product costing,pricing,cash flow projections,income statement and the forecasts for the next 3-5 years.This will provide  road map for funds required on a monthly basis,annual basis and for the planning period ie 3/5/10 years.

While i appreciate that every business person is well versed with their business,they need an experienced business strategist to help put together the business plan and manage it until they break-even. Call/Text Ev. Daniel Muguko 0722 281679 for a comprehensive analysis of your new or existing business and thereafter develop your business plan within 7Days.

Order our custom Business Plan Template for Kshs 2500/= via Mpesa and Do It Yourself (DIY) Payments to 0722 281679

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