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What they don’t teach you about MBA Research Proposal in campus

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The process of developing an MBA Research Proposal is not as difficult as it sounds. However,it requires working with an experienced tutor in order to make the right move and avoid the back and forth from your assigned supervisor. Before you even engage on the project,you must have made some decisions on what you want to research on. The research project should add value to business community. The seminar helps you the student go through the whole process without frustration and beat the tight deadlines in order to graduate. The steps are;

Literature Review

Choosing a Topic for MBA Research Proposal

Developing a Concept Paper for your MBA Research Proposal

Compiling the MBA Research Proposal

This is a simple step that involves putting together the review literature in a manner that the read can flow while reading. The MBA Research Proposal has three major chapters i.e Chapter One covering the Introduction, Chapter Two covering the Literature Review and Chapter Three covering the Research Methodology.

Designing the MBA Research Proposal Research Instrument

The MBA Research Proposal Research Instrument is very useful when one is using primary data for the study. It must have questions covering the demographics of the respondents and other questions covering each objective.

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