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Writing a Seminar Paper in Kenya

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Writing a Seminar Paper in Kenya

Writing a Seminar Paper in Kenya

A Seminar paper in Kenya is designed to introduce students to critical thinking. This leads to understanding its importance and characteristics, and to facilitate the development of critical thinking skills as applied in academia to reading and writing. Additionally, writing a seminar paper provides a forum for the development and dissemination of knowledge and understanding about relevant /contemporary business issues. Because critical thinking skills are best taught within a context or content area, writing the seminar paper focuses on applying critical thinking in a business related field.

Components of a Seminar Paper in Kenya

There are three key parts in a seminar paper in Kenya, namely;

  1. Title and the name of the author – This is covered on the cover page. You can also include am affiliation
  2. Abstract: This should not be more than 250 words.
  3. Table of Contents: With a maximum of 2-Levels

Issue/Problem identification and Background Information for Seminar Paper in Kenya

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