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Business Ideas Business Plan OFC Business Club Kenya


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LOOKING FOR A JOB? TRY ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL. This is the projected expansion for Alliance in Motion Global ( in 2017,,,Are you in any of the countries? Visit then call me on +254 722 281679 for the joining procedure,,,also expanding to South Sudan, Burundi, DR Congo,Ethiopia, Malawi,,,

Thanks too for the connection. I value it.




At Alliance in Motion Global ( we are giving you an opportunity to start your own business or earn an extra part time income irrespective of your social background/standing,career,education,experience etc. It’s a Network Marketing venture that is turning fortunes for millions of people worldwide by disrupting the rules of MLM’s that have made people not succeed in other similar companies.

AIM Global is fully registered in Kenya with offices in Nairobi at 2nd floor at 680 Hotel Building along Kenyatta Street and also at 4th floor Laxmi Plaza along Biashara Street and also in other major towns. The business opportunity has no Monthly Quotas, You only sponsor 2 – 8 new distributors and that’s it, The quality products are KEBS Certified and can be consumed within your family, You earn on a daily basis and payments are done through your bank account as you deem fit.

All you have to do is make a one-time investment of between Kshs 23k to Kshs 161k ($230 to $1610), then share the opportunity to all your networks anywhere in the world who invest in a similar way and you could make over Kshs 1M ($10,000) within one year. We offer FREE training to all your prospects at Laxmi plaza along Biashara Street Nairobi Kenya and many other parts of the world every weekday before and after they join the business. You may not have time for this business but you should sponsor your spouse,brother,sister,nephew,niece,employee,friend,church group such as choir,worship team,youth team etc with the seed capital to secure their future. Allow me in your meetings to do a short PowerPoint Presentation of not more than 45 minutes. Check out then let me know when and where i can visit you at your convenience to sign up.

AIM Global Opportunity

This can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Ask your family and friends abroad to join also.

You can start the business today,,,we will give you support by sending our team to do presentations once you have organized venue and prospects.

Call me 0722 281679 to join Today

CPA Daniel Muguko

Business Ideas Business Plan

Looking to venture into Strawberry farming in Kenya?

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Looking to venture into Strawberry farming in Kenya

Looking to venture into Strawberry farming in Kenya

Looking to venture into Strawberry farming in Kenya? Do you have a quarter acre that is idle or you are not happy with the returns? We can guarantee a return of Kshs 50K per Month! This is if you follow our program to the letter. A seedling is Kshs 50 which includes planting it and taking care of it until you start harvesting within 3-6 months! Start with as little as 500 seedlings and multiply them to over 7,500 seedlings within 6-12 months! You sell the fruit and seedlings pap.

Strawberry farming has huge income potential and can easily turn you from a job-seeker to a job-creator or from an employee to an employer in less than 12 months. Strawberries can grow in almost every part of our country Kenya, provided there is constant water supply, stable temperature in the range of 10 – 30 degrees Celsius and you follow our program to the letter.

It takes about 70-90 days for the crop to mature and produce the first fruits. But because the fruits are highly perishable (stays fresh for 4-5 days after harvesting), it is advisable to start looking for market early enough to avoid incurring losses.

There is Demand if Looking to venture into Strawberry farming in Kenya

There is demand readily available in major urban markets especially among green-grocery suppliers. You can also Continue reading

Business Ideas Outsource Accounting Services

Debt Collection Services in Kenya at 12.5%

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Debt Collection Services in Kenya at 12.5%

Debt Collection Services in Kenya at 12.5%

Debt collection services in Kenya has picked momentum with the grow of the businesses. There are more transactions and business volume. As such, there tendency for a business not to be able to collect debts on time becomes a reality. This then leads to businesses seeking help to get their customers to pay.

Introduction to Debt Collection Services in Kenya at 12.5%

Well the business environment has many would be debt collectors. The first is the in-house Receivables Accountant. This is an accountant employed to specifically collect debts on behalf of the company. His work station is at the company premises. While this sounds workable, more often than not, he/she is not able to rake in the debts as and when required by the business. This leads to delay in paying suppliers and could even affect business performance.

This is where our valuable services come in handy. Whereas your receivables accountant may not move around to see customers, we can. We do it professionally so that we do not strain the business relationship. Unlike lawyers, we dot intimidate customers with legal consequences. This is because we believe all outstanding debts are as a result of disagreement or lack of follow-ups.

Procedure for Debt Collection Services in Kenya at 12.5%

Outsourced Accounting Services Kenya

Outsourced Accounting Services Kenya

When a client contact us,we schedule a meeting preferably at the clients office. This is because we get a chance to preview the debts and the available documentation. From there the contract is signed and files opened for each debt. The first step is to reconcile the accounts and establish how much can truly be collected. The reconciliations are done in Ms Excel and the clients gets a soft copy.

The next step is to visit the debtors with a letter from us detailing the debt and payment terms. This will be copied to the client and our legal representatives. The letter gives the debtor the liberty to settle the debt amicably. Any reconciliations are shared with the debtor and responses must be received within 7 days. The letters are emailed as scanned copies and also hand delivered. In extreme cases, we use registered mail.

Looking for Debt Collection Services in Kenya at 12.5%?

We are a team of qualified and registered CPA’s trading as located at Blessed House, Opposite Garden City Mall.  With a combined experience of over 30 years in handling accounts receivables (Debtors) and accounts payable (Creditors), we know why debtors don’t pay and we will make them pay. If you need Debt Collection Services in Kenya at 12.5%, please contact us at 0722 281679. We will collect all your debts within the shortest time possible to improve your cash flow and profitability.

Business Ideas Business Plan Funding Proposal Outsource Accounting Services


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If you are thinking about starting a business in Kenya, then you need a well done business plan regardless of your business nature or size. You probably are wondering what that really means, a business plan is a plan that sets out the future approach and economic growth of a business, in most cases, the plan covers a number of years.  It is the most focal component for a flourishing business.

It is important to understand that to be able to get funds from an investor your business plan should be well written. A point to note is that banks and other financial institutions in Kenya give funds to persons who comply with the specific guidelines. This is to ensure that investing in your business will not be a waste of time and money on their side.

Below is an outline of the eight important steps that need to be taken in order to come up with a winning business plan:



This is the key segment of a business plan as it is meant to convince the intended investor that your business is worth investing in. The summary is also essential as it communicates to employees on what is expected of them. However, communication does not stop at the employees but it also extends to the probable customers. Continue reading

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