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17 Great ideas for your home based cake business social media in Kenya

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17 Great ideas for your cake business social media in Kenya

17 Great ideas for your cake business social media in Kenya

Perhaps you’re hearing about 17 Great ideas for your cake business social media in Kenya for the first time. From left right and centre, they say that online or digital marketing is a must these days for any small business, including your home cake business – so you’ve created a few profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, added a photo or two, maybe even added your website…Now what?

For most bakers, knowing what to post on their cake business social media, i.e. social media marketing isn’t something you’ve done a lot of (or even dabbled with at all!) so it can seem daunting to start out and know what to post.

  1.  17 Great ideas for your cake business social media in Kenya – Cake photos

Whether you’re developing a new recipe (and it looks good) or have just sent another cake out the door with a happy customer, share these fantastic photos to show just how great your cakes are!

  1. Testimonials
17 Great ideas for your cake business social media in Kenya

17 Great ideas for your cake business social media in Kenya

Sharing testimonials goes hand in hand with sharing cake photos. They support the visual appeal of your bakes with social proof that other people love them, helping potential customers to think that they will love them too!

  1. Special offers

Have you just returned from an exhibition, market or fair with a few extra cakes leftover? As long as they’re still fresh and lovely, share a special offer for the remaining cakes with a call to action to buy them now. Likewise, share any offers running with usual purchases, for example free cupcakes with a custom cake. Hint: you could also send them to your cake email list!

  1. What you are baking today

Sharing an insight into your baking life will help people to see the real person behind the cakes, making you more relatable, building a relationship and – importantly – potentially building trust. We buy from people we trust! Continue reading

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Social Media Marketing in Kenya Seminar – Safari Park Hotel 11’th Sept 2015

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Social Media Marketing in Kenya has taken us by Storm. Will You Get Left in the Dust? You don’t have to go far to know that social media is the buzzword du jour. In fact, it’s being hailed as the one-stop resource for making your marketing dreams come true. Sure — if you can slog through all the “expert articles,” researching blogs and meeting with expensive consultants, or even attending “one-hour training sessions” from a variety of vendors. Who has time for that?

The truth is, you know how powerful and effective social media can be — you don’t need the nightly news or a best-selling book to embrace its potential. You need answers to your questions. You need a little less stress and a lot more ideas. That’s where this workshop comes in.

Get Strategies for Planning, Executing & Measuring Social Media Marketing in Kenya

If you think about social media and your head swims, you aren’t alone. Coming up with an effective way to incorporate social media into your organization’s success can be overwhelming. This workshop takes you through the ins and outs of social media marketing. Continue reading

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